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Is Desteni a mind control cult???

This is a text version of my video here

Meet Bernard Poolman. Sometimes, he gets frisky and calls himself the Beast of Revelation. This is the man behind the internet cult known as Desteni. Bernard Poolman lives surrounded by his fellow cult members on the Desteni Farm located inSouth Africa. You may have seen this cult around on Youtube, they can mostly be identified by their shiny bald heads, and they are usually parroting the phrases “I am one vote for equality”, “1+1=2 is best for all”, and “Equal Money System” while talking about reptilian conspiracy theories.

Most people do not join a cult voluntarily, and cult members never realize they are in a cult until it is too late. It is generally not in the cults best interest to openly admit to being a dangerous and destructive cult, and that is why Desteni is spending a large amount of their time trying to convince people that they aren’t a cult. I am here to expose the truth about Desteni, and the fact that they are a destructive, and potentially life threatening cult. I will be using cult expert Robert J. Lifton’s 8 point model of a thought reform aka brainwashing cult as my criteria for this video. Keep in mind, that a cult does not have to fit all 8 points exactly to be a thought reform cult, but surprisingly Desteni manages to cover all 8 characteristics.

The first characteristic of a thought reform cult is environment control. Environment control is the limitation of all forms of communication with those outside the group. In Desteni, family and friends are demonized, along with anyone else not in the Desteni cult. This is to shield the cult from outside criticism. Bernard Poolman has even suggested that critics of Desteni are really apart of a reptilian sleeper cell created to stop desteni from achieving their goals at all costs. Scientology uses the same tactics against critics, such as labelling their critics suppressive persons, or SP’s, and then encouraging their members to sever all lines of communication with their critics. Cult leaders like Bernard Poolman create an us vs. them atmosphere like this, by creating a wall of distrust between the cult and the outside world. Bernard teaches his followers that all outsiders are nothing more than mind controlled organic robot slaves working for the reptilian new world order, and the only way to be truly free is to join Desteni.

The second characteristic of a thought reform cult is mystical manipulation. Mystical Manipulation is the practice of extensive personal manipulation, through a leaders claim to be an agent chosen by God, history, or some supernatural force,

to carry out a mystical imperative. This manipulation is performed by a woman named Sunette Spies, who Desteni claims to be an interdimensional portal. She claims the ability to channel the spirits of dead historical figures such as Adolf Hitler, and even the spirits of inanimate objects, such as a gas pump, toilet paper, and even a vibrator. I would show you video evidence of this, but Desteni has a bad reputation for filing false copyright claims against videos that are critical of them, so you can look those up on youtube for yourself. This channelling is obviously an act dreamt up by Bernard Poolman to lure gullible people into his cult, and to generate publicity. In an unlisted video that was privately leaked to me, which I will link in the box below, Bernard Poolman himself states that the channelling isn’t real, and that the message comes directly from him, yet Desteni members still publicly maintain that the channelling is real. This woman in the centre of the mystical manipulation is more real than an abstract god, thus is more attractive as an object of worship to potential members of this cult. Desteni also includes meditation, and the use of the illegal drug ‘Ecstasy’ in their practices. For proof of this, I will link another unlisted video by Desteni, where Bernard Poolman talks about the use of ecstasy as a stress reliever.

The third characteristic of a thought reform cult is the demand for purity. Cult  members will constantly strive to conform to the group “norm”. Consequently, guilt, shame, and ridicule from your peers are often powerful tools of control. Desteni splits the world into two parts, the pure, and the impure. The good and the pure are of course those ideas, feelings, and actions which are consistent with the cult’s ideology, and everything else outside of that is considered impure. If one does not conform with  Desteni’s ideology, they are ostracized, and made to feel guilty for not living up to the standards that Bernard Poolman has created for them. Through manipulating the meanings of good and evil, members of the cult will continue to strive endlessly to reach a level of perfection that they are lead to believe is possible, and they will feel guilty and ashamed of themselves when they don’t reach that level of perfection.

This leads into the fourth characteristic, cultic confessions. Cultic confession is carried beyond its ordinary religious, legal and therapeutic expressions to the point of becoming a cult in and of itself. Desteni’s name for this is Self-forgiveness. Scientology called it auditing. Bernard Poolman insists that his followers make public confessions through youtube videos, blogs, and posting on the Desteni forums, in which they share their darkest secrets, and express the shame and guilt, they feel for not living perfectly according to Desteni’s ideology. Cults typically use this information as blackmail and in the event that a cult member tries to leave the group, and as intimidation if a member is being to critical of the group. Public confessions of this sort are usually a symbolic act of self surrender to the cult, and make it impossible for the person making the confessions to attain a reasonable balance between worth and humility.

The fifth characteristic of a thought reform cult is sacred science.. Cults love to pretend that their leaders and their ideologies are infallible, and Desteni is no exception to the rule. Cults tend to put an aura of sacredness around it’s basic dogma, holding it out as the ultimate moral vision for the ordering of human existence. Desteni members advocate the non-existent Equal Money system, which they claim to be “best for all”. Desteni members believe this system to be the answer to all of the world’s problems, and that it is above all questioning or criticism. According to Desteni, Bernard Poolman is also infalliable. They regard him as 100% equal and honest in every way, and believe it is impossible for him to lie, or use deception. They regard him as such, but never openly admit he is the leader. They can’t even allow themselves to recognize they are being led, that alone just shows how much control he has over their minds. The recently dismantled Zeitgeist cult liked to pretend they didn’t have leaders either, even after Jacque Fresco and Peter Joseph had their little fight over donations, the Zeitgeist cult still maintains that they never had leaders. The Desteni cult will kick out members who question or criticize anything regarding Desteni and Bernard Poolman. They call this, “Being banished back to the system”. This is a fate worse than death to a devout Desteni member.

The sixth characteristic of a thought reform cult is the language of non-thought, also known as loading the language. The language of the cult environment is characterized by repeated thought terminating slogans and jargon. Common words and phrases are given new meanings, and become secret cult buzz words. Thought stopping buzz words that Desteni commonly uses such as, ‘common sense’, ‘self forgiveness’, and ‘self honesty’ is nothing more than empty rhetoric used to replace logic and reason. The only common sense according to Desteni, is that Desteni is best for all.

The seventh characteristic of a thought reform cult, is doctrine over person. If a cult member questions the beliefs of the cult or the leaders of the cult, the member is made to feel that there is something inherently wrong with them. If a cult member feels any doubts about the group, the feeling is immediately associated with guilt. In Desteni, if you question or criticize the group’s ideology or is leader Bernard Poolman in any way, they will say that you’re a victim of the “mind consciousness system”, and that you must practice self forgiveness through public confession in order to redeem yourself. Sharing your personal opinions is a punishable offense. The only opinions you are allowed to have, are the opinions dictated to you by Bernard Poolman.

The eighth and final characteristic of a thought reform cult is the dispensing of existence. A cult will delegate itself the power to decide who has the right to exist, and who does not. Those outside the cult are considered to be doomed forever, unless they embrace the ideology and the teachings of the cult. Desteni believes that mankind was created by a reptilian race of aliens called the Anunaki, and that we are all slaves under the influence demon possession and reptilian mind control. They believe the only true way to break free of the mind control, and the demon possession, is to be saved by Desteni. Yet in reality, all Desteni has really done for it’s followers, is rob them of their logic and reasoning, and replace is with their own special brand of common sense, which is nothing more than empty rhetoric and mindless fluff.

So there you have it, Desteni is a dangerous and destructive thought reform cult, according to the criteria put forth by Robert J. Lifton. I recommend that all of their members go and seek help immediately. Researching this cult has been very eye opening to say the least. I really hope this doesn’t turn out to be a Jonestown 2.0, but it sure does seem to be going that way. They already have a cult farm insouth Africa, and their members seem to be willing to take any illegal narcotics that Bernard Poolman has to offer. Their ideology has absolutely zero basis in reality, and their practices are mentally destructive. I believe this group needs to be investigated, and I fully intend to research this cult more thoroughly, so if you have any information you’d like to share about the Desteni cult, feel free to send me a personal message. Thanks for watching (reading).